Food Science and Technology

ISSN-print: 2073-8684
ISSN-online: 2409-7004
ISO: 26324-2012


Efficiency of the functioning of the state control system for the safety and quality of animal products in Ukraine

DOI: 10.15673/fst.v11i4.730 (eng)

  • I. Kyryliuk
  • Ye. Kyryliuk

Abstract | Full Text: The study reveals the results of evaluating the effectiveness of the state control system (supervision) on the safety and individual indicators of the quality of livestock products in Ukraine. The necessity of application of such components of efficiency as legislation, management and its organizational structure, inspection and laboratory service, information, training and communications is substantiated. It has been determined that during a sufficiently long period of time (until 2015), the system of state control (supervision) was archaic and actually focused on the principles of command and administrative economy. The modern tendencies and specifics of the improvement of the Ukrainian control system in the direction of its harmonization with the European one are shown. The emphasis was on significant volumes of work that needed to be done in a very short time, as well as in the absence of adequate funding and appropriate skilled specialists. The emergence of clarity and unambiguousness in determining the responsibility of market operators for violating the legislation requirements in the field of production and circulation of animal origin food products was emphasized. Along with the achievements, there were identified systemic problems related to the technical regulation of safety assurance processes and individual quality indicators in Ukraine. Also it was noted and revealed that legislation in the area of guaranteeing the quality and safety of livestock products in Ukraine remains incomplete and not fully developed. The necessity of development of a number of by-laws and allocation of necessary financing for effective functioning of the state control system over product safety is substantiated. Article specified on the presence of insufficient number of professional inspection and laboratory services is underlined. The mechanisms of avoiding corruption risks and excessive pressure on the subjects of the livestock production market are proposed. The necessity of determining the separate by-law of the state audit mechanism of procedures based on the principles of HACCP, in the production, processing, storage and transportation of livestock products is proved. The conclusion is made about the lack of systematic, chaotic measures for the formation of an approaching European system of state control. The necessity of the legislation improvement was substantiated and other solutions were proposed to improve the effectiveness of the system of monitoring the safety and individual indicators of the quality of livestock products in Ukraine.


  • state control (supervision)
  • safety
  • quality
  • livestock production
  • state veterinary inspector
  • accredited laboratory