Food Science and Technology

ISSN-print: 2073-8684
ISSN-online: 2409-7004
ISO: 26324-2012


Investigation of the antagonistic activity of secondary metabolites of propionic acid bacteria

DOI: 10.15673/fst.v11i2.508 (eng)

  • L. Krupytska
  • L. Kaprelyants
  • L. Trufkti

Abstract | Full Text: Тhe practical value of the culture liquid of probiotic bacteria was demonstrated. The culture fluid contains the products of vital activity of probiotic bacteria. It is the product of waste in the manufacture of classical probiotics. The culture liquid can be used to create metabiotics, due to the content of valuable exometabolites in its composition. The results of data on the positive effect of various amounts of culture liquid of propionic acid bacteria on the growth of bifidobacteria were presented. Microbiological studies have shown that 2 – 3 % of the filtrate was effectively reflected in the accumulation of biomass of bifidobacteria. The antagonistic activity of the culture fluid filtrate 2 – 3 % of the strain P.shermanii-4 against opportunistic (Escherichia coli-ATCC 25922, Staphylococcus aureus -ONU-223, Bacillus cereus-ATCC 11778) and pathogenic microorganisms (Salmonella enteritidis ‑ ONU-466) was studied. It was found that the use of a 2 % culture supernatant inhibits the growth of all opportunistic microorganisms, in addition to the pathogenic strain Salmonella enterica-ONU-466. With an increase in the dose of the filtrate, a small delay in the growth of Salmonella enteritidis-ONU-466 and an increase in the sensitivity of opportunistic microorganisms were observed.


  • culture liquid
  • supernatant
  • propionic acid bacteria
  • metabiotic